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Community Participation

Being a part of your community is fundamental for building positive connections and helping you to maintain a happy, social life that helps you to try new things and learn new skills. Our Community Participation services give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in your community and push yourself to try different things.

There are lots of ways we can help you here at Sab Care. We can help you to participate in an activity you’ve been wanting to try, maybe a cooking class or an art class. Is there a movie you’ve been wanting to see? We can make that happen too. We can also help you to get from A to B safely and on time with our Travel & Transportation service.

No matter what you want to do, we can help you to make it happen and make sure you get there with no fuss!

NDIS Community group activity

Group and Centre-based Activities

  • Sports activities

  • Arts and craft

  • Discos

  • Trivia

  • Day trips

  • Music class

  • Cooking class

NDIS Group and centre based activity

Community Participation

  • Development courses

  • Attend a movie or a concert

  • Go to the library

  • Partake in a social group

  • Go on a holiday

  • Participate in community events

  • Join a social group or a club

NDIS Library activity
NDIS Community Activities

Innovative Community Participation

Finding creative and innovative ways to get you involved in the community, participating in recreational activities, making new friends and discovering hidden talents!

NDIS Arts community

Assistance with Travel and Transportation

  • Transport to appointments

  • Travel to do shopping

  • Attend social/community events

  • Learn to catch public transport

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Why choose us to support you

 Our core values give us the platform to deliver you the highest quality care.

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